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Broken Spring Repair

The torsion spring is one of the most technical parts of the garage door. Broken spring issues marks our highest numbers of assignment every month. This is an indicator of how useful and technical the torsion spring is. A spring may break due to tear and wear of equipment, or change in temperature causing the spring to expand and contract abnormally. In case a spring breaks, it is easily noticeable because of the noise it makes when breaking and also hinders opening or closing of the door. Due to impatience and fear of high cost, some people always try to fix the broken spring and ends up hurting themselves and destroying more properties in the garage. If the spring is not fixed and balanced properly it may damage the whole door to a state of damage beyond repair and a new door installation would cost you more than what you were saving. A broken spring can be harmful to anyone near it in case it snaps out. Bayside garage door repair is a phone call away to ensure the damage does not get out of hand to an extent of hurting someone. Our highly experienced technicians will ensure quick replacement of the spring and get the door back to normal operation. Just as with the case with new motor installation, we leave the broken spring issues to our best technicians to warrant that it has been replaced correctly and adjusted accordingly.

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